Feb 2016

Today we have some exciting news at iamDamian Graphic Design; we are proud to announce our support, during 2016, of The Ipswich Hospital Charity.

For a while we have been looking for a local charity to support during 2016 and in pairing with The Ipswich Hospital Charity we are thrilled to be supporting such a worthwhile a local cause.

Damian Langan, director of iamDamian Graphic Design says “I feel it is really important that we support our local community. Previously, as an employee, I’d always been keen on encouraging my employers to adopt a local charity on a yearly basis, though ultimately back then the decision wasn’t mine to make. Now, operating iamDamian Graphic Design I’m able to make it a reality and after being in business just over a year we are excited to have adopted our first charity”.

The Ipswich Hospital Charity does valuable work in raising the level of care beyond that enabled by the hospital’s Department of Health funding.

Damian explains, “The pairing is even more special given that 38 years ago my then pregnant mother went into premature labour with me just four months into her pregnancy. The excellent team at Ipswich Hospital were able to halt the labour and buy my mother another 3 months until I was born 6-8 weeks early ahead of my due date in July. Had it not been for the work of the team at Ipswich Hospital things could have turned out very differently. Not only that, the hospital has, over more recent years provided long term care to all of my grandparents. So for me this is an especially important pairing.”

We have already been working with the charity behind the scenes leading up to today’s special announcement. In adopting The Ipswich Hospital Charity we will be carrying out creative work for them, donating 25% of our time without charge. We will also be donating time to volunteer and actively promoting their charitable events.

Kate Ashton, Head of Charity & Fundraising commented, ” The Ipswich Hospital Charity works to help our hospital deliver even better care, by going above and beyond the scope of the NHS budget, in providing additional patient comforts and facilities. These extras – some small, some large –really make a difference for patients and their families. We are delighted and grateful to have been chosen by iamDamian as Charity of the Year.  A big thank you to iamDamian Graphic Design.”

A key event for the Ipswich Hospital Charity is to be held between Friday 24th – Sunday 26th June – Their annual charity bike ride will see participants cycling the villages with hospital ward names over the three day period to raise money for the charity. The hospital are also planning a shorter bike ride route, for the less avid cyclers amongst us, on the final day, Sunday 26th June. The hospital is also looking for volunteers to help with the event during that weekend. I urge you all to lend your support in an way that you can!

You can find out more, including how to donate, take part or volunteer, by visiting or by clicking on the logo above.


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  • Feb 26, 2016
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